Obtain a Fair Market Appraisal

If you’re wondering how much that estate or valuable is worth, look to Krueckeberg Auction & Realty. Whether it’s a complete estate or business, a collection, or even a single item, we conduct any appraisal – for any item!

As we host auctions year-round, we are aware of the prices in today’s market. This knowledge allows us to accurately appraise the worth of your items.

At Krueckeberg Auction & Realty, we will conduct an appraisal on:

  • Farms, farm ground and land
  • Estates including real estate & personal property
  • Dissolutions of marriage and the related properties
  • Bankruptcy evaluations
  • …and more!

To begin the appraisal process today, fill out the appraisal request form. Our team will follow-up with you in a timely and efficient manner.