Spring and summer time are peak home selling (and buying) seasons.

There are almost always more buyers in the market around this time, looking to move in before the fall. Yes, there are pros and cons to any season, but the middle of the year marks a boom in house hunting. The weather is warmer, days are longer, and most people have more time to get out and view potential homes – an ideal scenario for a family looking to settle down.

With a competitive market, and plenty of prospective buyers out there, is your home ready during this peak home selling season? Here are some easy things you can do to boost your home’s appeal and draw in quality potential buyers if you’re selling in summer.

Highlight outdoor spaces

Do you have an outdoor deck? A patio? A great barbecue area for entertaining? Better yet, a pool? Stage these outdoor spaces in a way that lets prospective homebuyers envision themselves making memories and enjoying the warm weather. Don’t have any of these features? Invest in a simple outdoor furniture set or a firepit, and arrange chairs outdoors in a way that feels equally as inviting. Even creating a small “sitting area” on a well-manicured lawn will go a long way!

Give your lawn some TLC

Be sure to cover all the basics, like mow the lawn, trim the shrubs, water the plants, etc. You can even add quick pops of color to your entryway with easy potted plants. Also take a look at other outdoor areas, like driveways, garage doors, and exterior doors. These might need a power wash or a fresh coat of paint to get up to par.

Make your home cool and comfortable

Keep your home as comfortable and inviting as possible for homebuyers that come over for a viewing.Depending on the heat and humidity where you live, set the thermostat at a comfortable level, so it is a cool reprieve from the heat – but, doesn’t feel like an icebox either!

Another great tip to “wow” your guests? Have refreshments ready. A simple pitcher of iced tea or lemonade and light snacks (no need for a full flight of hors-d’oeuvres!) are actually a useful addition. Believe it or not, this isn’t just a gimmick among realtors. As a seller, having these light refreshments at the ready can make a great impression on homebuyers that they’ll remember when it comes time to make an offer after they’ve seen dozens of homes.

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