Putting up your Fort Wayne house for sale?  It’s not often an easy task.  Repairs, cleaning and moving out all take extensive planning, time and energy. Perhaps you are thinking about selling your home.  Or maybe it is already listed, and you’ve received hardly a handful of showings.  Don’t worry: Krueckeberg’s realtors have some quick tips to sell without breaking the bank.

1. De-clutter and de-personalize

Your home has one chance to make a great first impression on potential buyers. Sellers who leave family photos or memorabilia out jeopardize that first impression with a load of distractions.  Same goes for packed-full closets and crowded garages. If a buyer is absorbed in your photos from last year’s family vacation, they won’t see themselves living there.  Pack it up or at least hide it in a drawer before showings, and watch the offers roll in.

2. Put in some elbow grease

Are your windows dingy or streaked?  Do your tubs and toilets have rings of mineral deposits on them?  Do you have pets that left behind strange odors? If you can see it (or smell it), buyers can too.  Once your home is clutter-free,  enlist the help of professional cleaning services to give it a deep cleaning before your next showing. It might be a fee you weren’t expecting — but once your carpets, walls and fixtures are gleaming, you can maintain the rest yourself until the “sold” sign is stuck in the yard.

3. Fresh, neutral paint

Heavily themed rooms or vibrant colors are a great reflection of your personality in a home, but you never know who might walk through the door to look at your Fort Wayne house for sale.  Perhaps they don’t have children — your daughter’s pink princess bedroom is hardly going to remind them that it could be used for office space, a guest room or storage.

The same goes for the bright green, purple, or red palettes you chose throughout the house.  Select neutral tones, like light grays, taupes, beige or olives, to remove personal touches from bedrooms, kitchens bathrooms and gathering areas. Spending $200 or $300 to paint a few walls yourself can mean 1 to 3% in potential return, and an easier way for potential buyers to envision themselves in your home.

4. Stage the rooms

This step requires a critical, detached eye to determine what makes the room look bright and open.  Now that your home is painted a neutral palette, accessorize the room with accenting pops of color to enhance the cheeriness of the house.  Select perhaps a beautiful blue vase for the dining room table, or some brick-colored pillows on your sofa.  Maximize space and play with furniture arrangements to show the versatility of every room.  Houzz has some great tips on that as well.

5. Landscape

The words “curb appeal” really mean something in the real estate world. It is by far the easiest way to boost interest (and sometimes, final price) in your home.  Try a cheerfully-colored front door with a touch of paint.  Or spray away the weeds coming up along the sidewalk and drive.  At the very least, make sure the grass is trimmed and neat.  Some sellers renew their patios and front steps by pressure washing years of grime away.  Others install flower boxes and purchase mulch to cover garden flaws and brighten the front of their home.  Check out Buzzfeed’s list of 39 budget-friendly ways to boost curb appeal for more ideas.

Looking for a Fort Wayne house for sale?  Ready to put up your own Fort Wayne house for sale?   Call one of our expert realtors today to discuss what’s next to get YOUR home sold!

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