Home values, business opportunities, economic growth . . . they all go hand in hand with the vibrancy of the overall community in which we live and work.  That’s why it’s important to remain engaged with and knowledgeable about the initiatives taking place within our very own communities.

One such initiative is the Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership’s Vision 2030, and its’ predecessor Vision 2020.  As the Regional Partnership stated, the Vision 2020 initiative was intended to “bring the region together around five key areas (pillars) for economic growth: 21st Century Talent, Competitive Business Climate, Entrepreneurship, Infrastructure, and Quality of Life.”  The Regional Partnership also goes on to say that “Where Vision 2020 focused on creating a movement, Vision 2030 will focus on action.”


So what does this all mean to you?

Well, it should serve as an encouragement that Fort Wayne is on the right track and dedicated to continual growth as a community and economic force within the Midwest.  The success of Fort Wayne in attracting new businesses and retaining talent will translate into increased property values, income wages, and quality of life for everyone in Fort Wayne.

This impact is already being seen in the thriving Fort Wayne housing market.  Homes are being sold faster, and in some cases even above asking price, thanks to new businesses and jobs continually being added to the thriving Fort Wayne market.


And you can help!

To keep Fort Wayne thriving, the Regional Partnership is always looking for partners and volunteers to help them in their quest to improve Fort Wayne.  Whether you simply want to share your business’ story as an encouragement to potential new businesses or you want to have a say in shaping Fort Wayne’s future by joining one of the many councils, there’s always a place for people who are passionate about Fort Wayne.

By working together, we can all improve our community and make Fort Wayne a better place to live and work!

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