Are you looking to make the move to a smaller home? Whether you are looking for less property to be responsible for or are needing to make the switch to a one-story home, there are many benefits to downsizing! Keep reading to learn about just 5 of the benefits you can get by downsizing.

Pay Off Your Mortage 

Trade-in your mortgage for a paid-off home by using the proceeds from selling your current home to pay cash for a smaller one. This allows you to live mortgage-free in your new home. If you aren’t able to pay cash for your home, you can aim to pay-off your home in a shorter time frame. This is possible by applying the money you saved from downsizing to your new monthly payment.

Help Make Your Savings Last 

You have worked hard to save for when you’re ready for retirement and want to live comfortably when that time comes. Make your savings last by making the move to a smaller home that requires less upkeep. In addition to making your savings last, you can also boost that retirement fund by applying the money saved from downsizing to your IRA.

Make More Traveling Possible 

While saving money on a smaller mortgage and reduced expenses, you are able to add more money to your leisure budget. This allows you to do more of the things you enjoy doing such as traveling.

Live an Uncluttered Life 

Making the move to a smaller home means less space to store your belongings. Instead of cluttering your new space, use this as an opportunity to scale back your items to only the items you need in your life. It has been proven that decluttering your life can help improve your stress and anxiety as well as boost your productivity.

Krueckeberg Auction & Realty Can Help You Make the Move 

Our team of professionals has helped many families downsize their homes and take away the stress that comes with the move. We offer many services including our home helpers that work alongside you to help you go through all the memories and items in your home. They also help to pack and move any and all boxes that will be going to your new home. Items that aren’t going to your new home can be sold at our auction house. 

In addition to our support, home helpers and, auction house services, we have a team of real estate professionals ready to help sell your house. Call our office to get more information on our downsizing services or to start downsizing today!

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